One morning in December 1985, my brother came to my apartment and told me our
father was in the hospital.  While in route to the hospital I ASKED God, in Jesus
name, to stop whatever had attacked his body and that he would completely recover
(ISAIAH 54:17).  I  also  REBUKED  any  evil   which  would  try  to  attack  his  body
(MATTHEW 18:18).   When I arrived, I was told it was a stroke.  He was severely
paralyzed.  He could not even swallow his own saliva.  He needed suction to keep
him from choking.

Even after praying, I felt so helpless.  In hindsight, I was afraid.  I did not know if he
would live.  The hope of a full recovery seemed far away.  After spending a pitiful day
at the hospital, I went home.

The next day, when I went back, there was very little change, but he was obviously
conscious and coherent.  My mother went home to rest and I stayed in his room and
talked with him a little.  Once, I had to resist crying out loud.  The emotion was very
strong.  It hurt to see him like that.  He did not need to see sorrow, so I held it.

While I was sitting, God spoke to me.  No, I did not hear Him audibly, but there was a
knowing in my heart.  How did I know?  It came from spending time getting to know
God through His Word.    His Word tells you who He really is.    He is LOVE.    I  will
describe what His love is later because most people define it by THEIR OWN terms
instead of reading their bibles.  Hence, they get thoroughly disappointed when some-
thing does not work out the way THEY thought it should.  Building a relationship with
God is the same as building a relationship with anyone else.  You have to spend time
with the person.   It is not automatic.

Continuing with the story, I said God spoke to me.  He had probably spoken much
earlier, but I was so wrapped up in my feelings I did not hear.  It is the same way we
ignore people and do not hear them because we are wrapped up in our own problems.
This is called a lot of things, but it is simply fear and selfishness.

He said "Cliff, your father needs your help.  I will help you help him.  This is what I want
you to do.  Get up and lay your hand upon his body.  Then say, silver and gold I do not
have, but what I have I give to you, Bill.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise
up and walk."

I sat a little stupified.  I said to myself, you want me to do what!!!!  Now I knew it was
God.  I realized that I had to command the results I desired and follow through with
corresonding action.  You must have action with faith.  Your actions should be dictated
by God and His Word, and not dictated by your own ideas.  (JAMES 1:22; ACTS 3:1-10)

I was more than stupified, I was afraid.  I was not afraid of whether it would work or not.
I knew God's Word would work.  I did not know if it would work for me.  God's Word tells
us it will work for anyone who believes! Even though I had information about healing
from the bible, I did not know much about it through my relationship with God.  Remem-
ber,  a lot of people know the bible, but they do not know the God of the bible.

Now you would have thought, do it anyway.  What do you have to lose?  The answer is
nothing.  The emotion was so strong for my father, I did not want it to fail.  I did not say
that the "love was so strong" because love does not have its roots in fear.  Also,  love
never fails (1 CORINTHIANS 13:4-8).

After a day of reading the scripture He gave me and talking to Him about it, the fear left.
Why?  The scriptures say that faith in the Word of God comes by hearing the Word of
God  (ROMANS 10:13-17).  God helped me to understand, and our RELATIONSHIP
grew in this new area.

The next day, I walked into his busy intensive care room.....

More to come!

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