Testamints Sugar Free Stick Packets

Testamints Products are not available at this time.

Scripture verse on each wrapper
Available in Wintergreen, Spearmint, Peppermint
12 refreshing mints in each packet
Excellent Gift Basket item!
Place on a desk to surprise a friend or co-worker!
Carry in purse or pocket for yourself and to share!
Great to use as prizes for Sunday School!
Use as stocking stuffers during the holidays!

69 cents per packet or 10 packets for $6.50

**Bags of individual Testamints (apx 135-145) available at $5.99 each.

**Gravity Feedbox of individual testamints (apx 144) available at $7.20 each.

**S/H $5.00 for 1 bag or box, $2.25 for each additional bag or box.

To see a sample of individual Testamints
click on the Christmas Collector's Tin link below.

Testamints Gum

Testamints Christmas Collector's Tin

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