Reaching Out...

The  following  letter is a  real-life  correspondence.  I  was
asked to proofread it and was so blessed by it that I asked
if I might share it here.  The names were changed in order
to protect the privacy of the people involved.


Dear Rick,

I am writing you because I want to see you recover.  I want to have a very honest
discussion about this.  I am not talking about magic.  I am talking about the true
reality.  I call it true reality because I saw it work for my own father and others.
There is a lot of information in this letter.  For a while everytime you read it you will
see something you missed.  You do not have to try and absorb the whole letter.
Relax and enjoy the contents.  You should read all the scripture references because
they will be the life of this letter.  The scriptures are what will really help you.  Your

I have sent you this New King James version of the bible because it is closer to
American English than the regular King James version.  Use the table of contents in
the front to find the books if necessary.  It is a gift.  Also, the entire bible can be
purchased on audio cassette tape.  I would be more than happy to help you find the

Rick, healing is for anyone who believes in God through Jesus Christ.  For some
people it is instantaneous.  For some it is over a longer period.  I want to give you
information, that will help you with the healing process.  When you read them you
have to realize that God is a person and the bible contains His Words to us for our
lives.  One of the bible's purposes is to allow you to meet God.  Yes the real, living,
and powerful God!

This is not mind over matter, Science of Mind, metaphysics or whatever.  Those
are counterfeits to the reality of the power of God.  God is a person and very
much alive and ready to perform his promises for us.  God has promised to fulfill
everything He said with a resounding yes (2 CORINTHIANS 1:20)!

This letter is NOT a legalistic book of rules, or a mechanical way to get God to do
something.  These are things to help you to understand the living and true God.  They
are GUIDELINES to help you.  Allow God to make Himself and His Word personal in
your life by learning of Him.  Your time with God will also produce freedom by KNOW-
ING Him.&$160; (MAT 11:28-30; JOHN 8:31-32).

My father told you about his experience when he had a stroke. You might think:  well
maybe God healed him or maybe the doctors healed him or both.  A good doctor is
a gift from God.  However, a good doctor will tell you he CANNOT heal anyone.  All
he can do is ASSIST the healing process.  It is GOD who heals.

Some people say that the body will heal itself.  This is true.  But the creator of the body,
God, built that miraculous process into the body.  If you cut yourself, somehow the body
reconstructs, rebuilds, and restores itself.  Science is still not totally sure how it happens.
Even when the body's injuries are extensive, God is there to heal just like he is for a
simple cut.

Now, I want to tell you about my participation in my father's recovery from that stroke.
It is something that was incredible and I will never forget it.  I learned first hand that all
this talk about healing is real.  The doctors at the hospital and the Company doctors
still cannot explain it.  They each examined him multiple times.


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